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Car Key With Transponder: How To Change It In Case Of Loss:

Transponder Car Keys
The new type of Transponder Car Keys, which makes them almost impossible to duplicate, makes it much more difficult for the possibility of our vehicle being stolen.

The keys with transponder are electronically coded with a unique code for each car, which makes it almost impossible to duplicate unless you have the master key.

But How Do These Keys Work?

They contain some electronic microchips encoded with the car’s control unit, and their interaction is not limited to being switched on. Their interaction is continuously repeated at regular intervals established by the parent company of the property to give additional anti-theft protection to the car even while on the move.

In this way, it is not possible to open the car with the transponder key and then drive it with a duplicate because the car will stop at the first verification sequence with the key chip.
This technology was born on the stimulus of insurance companies to provide an effective means of continuous anti-theft to cars.

Even if the energy necessary for the mini verification that occurs between the two systems thanks to a passive chip is turned off, while the car is in movement starts the active chip that checks the code sequentially.

If The Transponder Key Is Misplaced Or Wrecked:

If you lose or break the key, you have two possibilities to have a duplicate or thanks to the master key, which is always delivered when the car is purchased and allows various copies of it without problems. Also, thanks to the numerical code attached in paper form, which, however, will require more time of realization by the supplier as the procedure is not a simple copy but a new creation of the original key.

Usually, together with the copy, a new master key will be returned to be kept to facilitate the duplication in the future in case of breakage or loss of the same.

What If You Don’t Have The Master Key Or The Code?

Do not worry, some specialized companies can detect the code from the car lock, so the cost will certainly be higher because they will have to go out, work on the car and the control unit, find the old code and reproduce the key.

If all this is not possible due to anti-copy and decoding locks of your car ECU issued for further security protection, then the only solution is to bring the car back to the parent company if possible.


It is the duplication of the key with transponder through alternative systems to those used by car manufacturers.
The purpose is the same, and therefore the key will start the vehicle, but the system is different from the original key.
With this method, you don’t have to connect to the car via an OBD socket, so you don’t need to have the pin code.

PRO And CONS Of This Method:

⦁ Lower cost compared to OBD coding
⦁ Speed of the programming procedure
⦁ Does not require Pincode
⦁ The control unit does not memorize the duplicate
⦁ Key to the duplicated key. It is aesthetically different from the original
⦁ The possibility of combining a remote control
⦁ In the case is excluded from a duplicate in cloning it is not possible to delete the lost keys
⦁ Not all keys can be duplicated in cloning


It is the storage of the new key on the vehicle ECU;
This method is the same method that is used by the dealer.
In this case, for many vehicles, it is necessary to have a pin code.

PRO and AGAINST Of This Method:

⦁ Higher costs than the procedure bench
⦁ Times of key duplication longer ripe to the procedure in cloning
⦁ The pin code necessary,
⦁ The immobilizer module stores the number of keys functioning
⦁ Aesthetically key, same as the original
⦁ Possibility of having a key complete with remote control
⦁ Compatibility with official diagnoses so there is no problem if in the future it is re-coded in the dealer
⦁ Automatic cancellation of the lost keys not presented during programming.

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