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How To Choose The Lock Of A Security Door?

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There are different types of locks of a security door; the most common is the European cylinder and Peephole Installation the so-called double-bit lock. Since there is still no block utterly resistant to any type of attack, the European cylinder is, to date. The most reliable is nothing more than the evolution of the double bit lock, which, having a vast space to insert the key, could be more vulnerable.

In addition, the advantage of a European cylinder is that it has been designed to resist the attempted break with the most classic instrument. The Bulgarian picklock, in addition, to increase security, the duplicate key of this type of lock can only be made by law by the owner who has registered the purchase of the lock.

The installation of double-bit locks, even modern ones, reduces the possibility of theft, but remains a risk, as thieves constantly update and refine their theft techniques.

There are also electronic locks, much more expensive, that allow the opening through the use of remote controls, alphanumeric keyboards, reading of magnetic cards.

Therefore, our advice is to rely on the European cylinder, which can be easily replaced with an old double drill lock, which makes the entrance door safer. Also, do Peephole Installation with the help of the expert locksmith.

How To Replace The Lock Of A Security Door?

The replacement of the lock of an armored door is an artisan intervention that, for a perfect result, must be entrusted to a specialized installer who knows this type of locks. The replacement can be done either if you want to increase the security of your security door.

If, after trying to unlock the lock, it remains locked. In general, the European cylinder can be adapted to any type of security door. However, depending on the characteristics of the security door itself.

The old double drill lock can be removed and, if no special precautions are needed, replaced by the new European cylinder security lock. Otherwise, if the replacement requires an intervention that would involve, in addition to a high cost.

How To Replace A Security Door?

Now I will explain how to disassemble a security door and how to replace a security door, to help you get an idea of the work to be done, but remember that the instructions provided are those that must be taken into account. To disassemble and replace a security door, it is necessary.

First, verify that the space in which the old door is inserted is sufficient for the installation of the new security door. Now remove the old door: removing an armored door is not a very complicated process:

1) Remove the armored door from the hinges and set it aside.
2) Identify the screws to which the frame is fixed and remove them.
3) Continue with the frame removal and any counter-frames and joints.

Check that the edges of the walls where the new door will be installed are not excessively worn and that they are smooth and level correctly. Cover the holes to which the old frame was attached. Prepare the framework for the structure, bring it closer to the walls, and, with a pencil, mark the point where it makes the holes where the frame joins. Set aside the structure; drill the holes in the prepared points with a drill.

Now fix the frame with the appropriate screws, being careful to place the hinges in the right place. So the door turns to the desired point. With the help of other people, lift the armored door and place it on the appropriate hinges.

What Are The Incentives For Armored Doors?

We arrive at the economic aspect, and we will understand how much security door costs and what are the incentives for the purchase of a security door. We have previously analyzed the various classes that define the characteristics of a security door.

This may already be a first choice filter: the higher the class you choose, the higher the cost of a security door. However, as previously mentioned, it is essential first to evaluate the degree of security necessary or, in any case, suitable for the place where your home is located.

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