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What Is Automotive Locksmith Profession?

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The profession car mechanic was born with the development of road transport. The production (car key replacement) and operation of automobiles increased the need for people who could keep them in good condition and repair them in the event of a breakdown.

The increasing complexity of the car design and the emergence of sophisticated diagnostic equipment (the 50s of the 20th century) leads to the separation of the specialties of a car mechanic: minder, auto electrician, painter, vulcanizer, etc. Today, this profession remains in demand, since the number of cars produced is growing steadily, and progress does not reach a standstill.

The reliable operation of the vehicle depends on the work of a car mechanic. A car mechanic monitors the technical condition of the car and, if necessary, carries out its timely repair. The safety of the movement of passengers in the vehicle will depend on how the car mechanic tries. So the responsibility is the necessary professional quality of a car locksmith.

Periodically, the car mechanic must undergo continuing education courses, as over time, the cars improve, and new functions and capabilities are added. To carry out high-quality repairs, you need to have complete information about various brands and types of vehicles.

Advantages Of The Profession: Useful skills in everyday life, stable income, the demand for the business in the labor market.
Limitations Of The Profession: squeamishness to dirty work, the need to continually learn new technologies, high physical stress, high responsibility for the final result.

Type And Class Of Profession:

The Profession Of A Car Locksmith Belongs In The Kind: Technique because this profession is connected with the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. Successful completion of such work requires a high level of development of visual-figurative and spatial thinking, excellent motor skills, physical endurance, and a penchant for technical manual work.

An additional type of profession: Man-Sign since it can be associated with working with diagrams, drawings. The profession of a car locksmith belongs to the class of performing. It involves the performance of actions according to specific algorithms in compliance with existing rules and regulations, standards.

Contents Of The Activity:

The car locksmith is engaged in the repair and maintenance of automobiles. In the process of diagnostics, he determines the need for the machine for repair.

In extensive car services, car mechanics specialize in directions. Some are engaged in the maintenance and repair of the undercarriage. Others are involved in diagnostics, while others are repairing gearboxes. In small workshops, where it is not possible to keep a large staff, one car mechanic performs various types of work.

A Car Locksmith Performs The Following Operations:

Car Key Replacement, dismantling trucks, incl. Unique and diesel, cars, buses, and motorcycles; repair, assembly of simple and complex joints and units of vehicles; removal and installation of lighting fixtures; cutting, splicing, insulation and soldering of wires; carrying out fixing works during vehicle maintenance; elimination of identified minor malfunctions; metalwork processing of parts with the use of devices, metalwork, and instrumentation.

A car locksmith performs troubleshooting (determination of serviceable and faulty parts) after disassembly, washing, and cleaning; static and dynamic balancing of disks and wheels, restoration of car rubber (wheels, cameras); straightening and alignment of damaged metal body structures.

Requirements For Specialist Knowledge And Skills:

Proper education is needed in the fields of physics, chemistry, electromechanics, mechanics.
Auto repair fitter should know:

⦁ Safety regulations;
⦁ Necessary information about the device of cars;
⦁ Assembly order of nodes of varying complexity;
⦁ Techniques and methods for cutting, splicing, insulation, and soldering of electrical wires;
⦁ Main types of electrical and insulating materials, their properties and purpose;
⦁ Ways of performing fastening works and the volumes of the first and second maintenance;
⦁ Purpose and rules of use of the measuring instrument;
⦁ Basic mechanical properties of the processed materials;
⦁ Purpose and use of coolants and brake fluids, oils and fuels;
⦁ Rules for the use of pneumatic and power tools;
⦁ Necessary information about tolerances and landings, qualifications (accuracy classes), and roughness parameters (processing purity class).

Requirements For The Individual Characteristics Of A Specialist:

For successful activity as a car locksmith, the following professionally essential qualities are required:

⦁ neuropsychic resistance;
⦁ ability to concentrate and distribute attention;
⦁ visual-figurative, technical thinking;
⦁ logical thinking;
⦁ developed hand-eye coordination;
⦁ good eyesight and hearing;
⦁ developed manual motor skills;
⦁ physical endurance;
⦁ good spatial imagination;
⦁ accuracy, responsibility.

Working Conditions:

Car mechanic works both indoors (workshops, boxes, garages) and outdoors. It is possible to perform work in very uncomfortable poses. A large load on the musculoskeletal and visual apparatus.

The pace of work is free. A car maintenance specialist can work both alone and in teams, interacting with specialists from other profiles. He needs the ability to work in a group, a developed sense of responsibility for the work of a team.

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