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Magnetic Door Locks – A Lock with High Features

Magnetic door locks
Magnetic door locks or keyless locks are becoming an important reference as access control systems in commercial and with a lot of people circulation. They have been used for many years, and it is a very favorable option for emergency exits, although less preferred by private users. What do you really know about its mechanics and installation?

Its use, although mostly industrial, is evolving, and its use is increasing. These locks presently present a large number of variants each associated with different applications and technologies

What Are Magnetic Door Locks?

Let’s start with the simple ones, and a lock is a closing device that has a mechanism that slides several latches towards one or more strikes placed in the frame inside. They are inserted, blocking the door. What seems a seemingly obvious definition?

It is not so much when we consider that not all doors are made to be closed or locked. Therefore not all mechanisms are closing and locking. It is easy to examine the doors in your own home (terraces, patios, etc.) and check the access differences, and the difference is quickly seen.

If you already have an idea of the type of access you have and how much or how you want to limit people’s access to that space (Access Control), I begin to have data to choose one type or another door or lock. The distinction between the different types of locks begins with the kind of mechanism used to close latches and lock the door, we distinguish:

⦁ Mechanical locks
Electric locks
⦁ Electronic locks
⦁ Remote control locks

Different doors have different uses, and therefore they will need different systems. Transforming access into “safe” does not imply blocking and shielding them all in the same way (this creates inconvenience, lack of practical sense in some accesses, inconvenience, maintenance problems, etc.), but the appropriate system must be used to each. Analyze what you really need first.

The Magnetic Door Locks are suitable for spaces where a lot of people can circulate, but at the same time, they cannot be freely open, but they may need to be unlocked or remotely opened. An example is emergency exits or panic doors.

How Are Magnetic Door Locks?

Compared to other models, these differ in that two parts or elements form them:
A body that contains a Magnetic Coil of relative power through which an electric current will circulate, and which will be fixed in the door frame.

An elongated metal contact plate installed on the door that is the object of access control named as a pole piece or moving part.

How Do They Work?

The two components are in contact with each other when the door is closed. When the electric current flow is activated, the body containing the electromagnet will generate a magnetic field that will forcefully attract the metal plate, creating a pressure force that closes and blocks the door, that simple.

What does it depend on the closure to be effective? As the surface area of ​​the plate is relatively large, the force created by the magnetic field is strong enough to keep the door closed even when subjected to substantial mechanical stress.


The body of the electromagnet provides security by creating the magnetic field activated by an electric current. This is manufactured on a core of a conductive material like iron. However, in some more advanced models, special alloys or materials of high conductivity are used) on which a copper-varnished cable is wound to generate a coil.

The coil, when it receives pulses of electric current, becomes a high-power magnet capable of attracting metallic objects (plate located above the door), but which also ends up losing its magnetic properties at the time the power is cut. Currently, stop attracting the metal plate.

The magnetic effect generated within the electronic device is to control it by the existence and passage of an electric current. So the state of opening of doors can be done either by means of the electrical activation of the automatism either by using a switch manually or by alarms or other electronic sensors or automatic triggers.

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