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The Benefits Of Using Automation Locks

biometric locks
Biometric is about the automation of the functions of an indoor enclosure. A synonym is the concept of a smart home in which new technologies are used to improve the comforts of a home. Biometric is involved in the air conditioning of the house, the operation of household appliances, product inventory, fire systems, communication, and security, etc. In this way, the comfort of the home is increased, having everything under control.

Types Of Automation Locks:

Locks With Code:

It is a panel that marks a code to open the door. The main advantage is that you do not have to carry keys, so there is no danger of forgetting them, but there are other essential benefits. The system allows you to establish several levels of control.

So you can create a code for employees that will enable you to enter a particular time and days of the week, you can give a provisional system to a contractor or suspend access to someone specific. You can also set an opening or closing time of the door.

Card Locks:

Locks that work with magnetic cards have the advantage that they are not easily copied like a traditional key. It is not necessary to memorize anything, and you can also set several levels of security, that is, some cards can be suspended or set a schedule.

There are two types, those that slide through a slot and magnetic proximity cards, in which you just have to bring the code to the sensor, and the mechanism opens. The latter is very fast, comfortable, and easy to use.

Fingerprint Lock:

It is one of the so-called Biometric Locks. It is a small scanner that reads the fingerprint, and if it matches the people authorized to enter, the mechanism opens. The advantage is that you do not have to carry keys or cards or memorize codes, but as a disadvantage, it can be indicated that the scanners sometimes fail and do not allow entry, even if the person is authorized.

Iris Scanner Lock:

It is a system similar to the fingerprint, but the scan is done in the eye. Since the iris of a person has unique characteristics as well as the fingerprints. It is one of the safest systems currently available and is therefore used in installations that require maximum security.

Voice Activated Lock:

It is a tiny used system for the main door or any entrance to the house, but that can be used for internal doors such as access to the pool, for example. The person’s voice is recognized by the system and provides access to the house.

Smartphone Applications:
It is a lock that works through an app. This application can be installed on the phone, tablet, or PC. It is usually used in combination with another method. It has many advantages, and the main one is the opening of the door remotely.


Automation locks can be combined with other features, for example:

1. Burglar Alarms: A lock and an alarm should go together for a more significant benefit. The code marked can open the machine and, at the same time, activate or deactivate the alarm.
2. Fire Alarms: The house access system can be combined with the fire system. In this way, when the alarm is activated, the doors are released to allow people to leave quickly.
3. Security Cameras: The lock can activate the camera and thus register the entry and exit of people. This feature adds an element of security to the home.

Additional Benefits:

⦁ The homeowner has perfect control of access to the home. With traditional technology, it is not known for sure who has a copy of the keys. Also, being such sophisticated technology is not so easy to violate.
⦁ It can be activated remotely. So you can know who is in the home from anywhere in the world. You can also check if the alarm is activated, turn it on or off, give someone access, change security patterns, and so on.
⦁ There is a documentation of the entrance and departure of individuals. Being digital technology, you can keep a file with all the information. This data can be useful in case of any problem, for research purposes, or to improve the service.

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