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How To Change Lock Easily?

Lock Change
Has your door been closed, and the keys remained inside? Do you want to enter your house and you can’t do it? Look at these tips that will help you get out of the problem easily, so it doesn’t matter if you are not an expert in locksmithing.

Changing a lock is an easy and simple process. You just have to take these instructions into account, and you can get out of trouble without problems.


There are many reasons why the house lock should be changed. One of the most common is a loss of keys, as well as an intention to strengthen security when acquiring a new house. Also, the lock can be replaced to improve the installation, simply by the desire to have a more sophisticated lock.

In any case, depending on the need, the locksmith can be ordered to replace the entire mechanism or replace the cylinder. And this is only the first of the many considerations before changing the house lock.


There is so much variety when it comes to lock models, that it is sometimes difficult to choose one. What are the most installed and safe types of locks today?

First of all, you should know that there are two types of locks according to their assembly. In this way, the locks can be superimposed or recessed. The former is generally used for entrance doors, while recessed latches can be found both in entrance doors and in interior doors.

On the other hand, there are also different lock models depending on the security they offer. In this category, the anti-dumping locks stand out, those that prevent the door from being forced through the dangerous technique of bumping. If you have doubts about which lock to install, you opt for an anti-dumping lock. This way, your entrance door will be considerably safer.

Last but not least, you should take care to choose the best professionals for the installation of your new lock. If you entrust this work to expert locksmiths, you will ensure that the lock will be perfectly assembled, with total safety guarantee and without damaging the door in the least. In turn, a locksmith company with extensive experience will offer you only the best brands.


⦁ The first thing you should do is buy a new lock if you already have one that you can reuse try to have the same dimensions or the corresponding size to which you are going to change.
⦁ You must have the necessary locksmith apparatus on hand. You will initially need a screwdriver and the new lock or the one you are going to replace. Try to be in good condition. You will also need a punch and putty, implements that will help you in Lock Change.
⦁ Look very well as the lock you have installed on your door is installed. Observe how the nails or screws are placed and where each of the implements is located. This idea will give you a concrete idea of how the whole system is geared.
⦁ Proceed to remove the cylinder or bulb from the lock by removing screws that compose it, and the entire system that is engaged in the lock. Insert a key in the lock and push it out of the lock entirely without causing damage.
⦁ Change the system so you can install the new one. Remove the handle or lever with the help of the punch and go removing it until it is outside your door.
⦁ Remove the metal shaft completely with the help of the screwdriver, first removing the screws that compose it and then the shaft.
⦁ Proceed to remove the lock and keep it so you can have a spare if it works well. That way, you will have removed the system and can proceed to place the new one.
⦁ See if your door is preserved or on the contrary, it is very worn. If the wood has been damaged, you must cover the imperfections with the putty so that you can then install the new lock.

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